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Utility Bills

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:'(   in reply to Anonymous   on

I need money - free money to help pay bills

I am 23 single female. My lights are going to get turned off at the end of the week. I just found out my check is going to be garnished and i have already maxed out my arrangements on the bill. To make matters worse my job has cut hours down to 24. Im usually a person that can hold it all together and find a way to make it but i am really breaking down. I dont know if anybody actually reads these comments but if i had the money i really would help all of you guys. Even if nobody is able to help me i can say i honestly tried all options. Its amazing how people come together in times of need and iwish everyone the best
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exhausted typical help

I 've been trying to get SSI for a lil over 2 yrs. Of course the bills pile up , a lot of them u make u see just what u can do with out . There are some that have to be taken care of . I have 2 daughters 6 and 13 . There seems to be so much they can't take part in now . I stated having seizures and can't drive so that's one of the first bills I dropped . That puts on some one Else's schedule . Any way my family has supported use almost completely . That can't go on forever , I get all the help I can from where ever I can get it . I got LIEP for my electric bill last fall , my whole home is electric. The way I understand it most years there is another LEIP for emergencies during the first months of the year . I was planning on this to get me threw the winter. Because of the state of our economy there won't be an emergency program this yr. I've already received any help my community can give . I really hate the sound of that I never thought I would be in this position . Nun the less here I am , responsible for 2 kids . I am scared to death of course . My electric is due to be shut of , I am at a loss , any ideas ? At least I got it out loud but, maybe I am a little bit more scared
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Sleepless in Detroit  

Desperately in need of HELP

Hi everyone! I am new to aidpage. I am a 30 year old single mother and I am currently disabled and not working. I am here looking for resources to help me find affordable housing, help with utility bills and now more recently help with my car. Are there any organizations that I can contact that may be of assistance? Any comments will be greatly appreciated. I have worked since I was a teenager and I have been unemployed going on 3 years due to mental illness. I NEED HELP! I receive disability but it is not enough to get me through. HELP!!! I have already had the conversation with my son about Christmas and how he may not receive any gifts, I just want a better life for my family.

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Ready to give up

. I'm really needing some help. I've tried so many places I don't know what to do. I'm a single mom with 3 teenager and our light's have been shut off about 3 week's so I was able to get housing authority to help with the bill but we have to come up with the deposit so we have gotten together $150 but still need $190 the problem is I was recently put in the hospital and they said I have kidney failure and congestive heart failure so there's alot going on and my poor kid's have really tried hard to help out. I know I have to give it to GOD and I'm trying but I seem to worry alot.So if you have any suggestion's we would be SO GRATEFUL Thanks for listening
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Family in need of help

Hello all,

I'm a husband and father of three beautiful girls 8-12-19, I been a hard working man since I graduated from high school, two years ago I lost my job due to cutbacks. I collected unemployment for about a year, after that I decided to go back to school for two years and looked for work on the side. to make a long story short, I graduated , can't find work and bills are behind, several things have been shut off such as my cellphone, home phone, and soon electric which I been struggling to pay on every day. If it gets turned off we will be evicted due to be living in subsidized housing. I can't get a loan or anymore help this year for utilities. I really would appreciate if someone could help. I still applying for jobs everyday. I'm not giving up. My vehicle is old and has many problems, and is no longer legal due to not being able to pay insurance, so most of my job searching is done on the net. If possible please reply with help.

thanks for your time.

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someone out there plz help my family

iam a single mother with 6 kids on my own n i have buy my house 2 years ago so i have a mortgage n iam behind bills of $3000 if i dont get help me n my family wont have a home plz help us thank u
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Please help me!!!

Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'm not sure what to do so I'll post a little bit about my situation. I draw an SSI check and my husband is out of work. It cost so much to heat this place we live in, I can't cover my gas or electricity bill this month. I have to use my stove top for heat as well as a space heater running constantly; it takes every penny I have to heat this place. We need food and household items. I can't afford anything because I have to pay these outrageous bills to stay warm. We truly need help with everything. We're struggling. HELP!!!!
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Partial Assistance Found

I was sent an Angel from God concerning my prior post. I now have a house to rent with a fenced-in back yard. Now all I have to worry about is my past due bills especially my truck payment refinanced through santander consumer usa. They are more worried about their money than us having a place to live and my other bills that need to be paid like my utilities. I seem to be a dollar over everyones financial qualification limit. But I really can't complain now that I know that there are so many people around that doesn't even have a warm place to live or food to eat. I thank God for helping me out with a place to live and give Him all the glory.
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Cletus Mayfield  

Nstar utility bill

As of september 29, 2010 I Anthony Meikle was disconnected by Nstar Electric. I,ve made several attempts to pay the bill which estimated at 2,160.00. I myself paid down to 1,260 but Nstar needs more payments
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hanging in there  

Hello All

I just thought I post an update on how I am doing.  I am still under the weather, but partly due to doing a lot of things at once.  My main goal since I have been out on disability was to to find work from home or to to further my education at an online college.  I am able to find assistance for now to try to cover my utility expenses until I get back on my feet without messing with the payday loans.

Also what I have been getting into lately is to find a legitimate work from home business for me at little or no cost.  I have been involved in a program which allows me to save money on  internet, tv, and home phone, and others without hitting my budget. 

The work from home project that is working out for me right now is a pending opportunity to continue my customer service telephone work from home.In a couple of weeks I will work with a client for an online site Alpine Access.  it's a free opportunity to work from home.  this definitely works for those who have a disability or who wants to cut their commute.  i signed up last week and I was concerned that I was not going to get an interview.  But I was offered an opportunity on Sat 7-17-2010 and I have to fill out the normal tax paperwork.  needless to say i am excited for the opportunity, but I will continue to search for opportunities that will help me get back on my feet without overwhelming myself.  that has alwats been my problem.  Well anyway I'm going to turn in.  I'll keep you posted on this and more.  For those who are struggling or borderline, i wil continue to offer my prayers and say that things can only get better from here.


Stay blessed



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About kbillups

The good old boys' network has taken another black male to jail. My husband stood up for his rights and filed complaint against an officer that was power crazy. Now he is in jail for assualt against an officer for 10 months with no prior assualt charges against him. His lawyer was supposed to defend him but we knew something just wasn't right when he kept promising to make certain statements and ask questions while in recess during his trial however on the contrary when we would return to the courtroom nothing was down. I told my husband it was time to address the judge but some how he thought that even without the lawyer on his side the court would see the truth.  After his trial we returned to the courtroom only to find his public defender and the officer who made the false claim laughing together and talking about their weekend  golfing, unaware that we stood directly behind them. At this start of all  of this we had an African American woman but suddenly she no longer worked for the Public Defender's office and this "lawyer" took over the case. Still to this day we have no idea about what happened. Without looking at us in the eyes she said she will no longer be able to handle the case...the end.

Now my life is upside down. Suddenly, I'm forced to survive without any kind of support. I have a 1 & 3 year and paying for daycare while trying to keep my job and maintain a home and trying to give them some stability until their father returns is definitely a struggle. I need $1000/mth for daycare for the two of them for the next 9 months in order to keep things going and not losing everything that I have. I don't own a home. I make too much money for government assistance and too little to survive. Its like you have to hit rock bottom in order for someone to recognize that you need help. If I had somewhere to go like move in with a family member I would but I dont have that option other than moving my children into a shelter that around here we would probably be on a waiting list to get into. I don't want to become dependpent on anyone. I know that my husband will return home one day and at a minimum be able to be with our children while I work and even though we will not be able to save money we will at least be able to live check to check.

My bills are continuosly falling behind because I have to have my babies somewhere while I work until midnight. In this economy if I lose my job I will not find another like it. I have no savings to fall back on and nothing to sell or even have collateral to take a loan out against something. Its the little things, my car needs an inspection and my tires will not pass because I can see the fibers starting to show. Food and gas are a struggle. My electric has a cancellation date on the 10th of this month.

I'm not sure who to turn to so I send my prayer for support during this challenging time for my family to the world if anyone can help me please do.

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Linda Cunningham  

About Linda Cunningham

In an attempt to completely explain my hardship, I may be providing unnecessary information; however, I want you to have a full understanding that it was never my intention to end up in this financial condition.  Prior to moving to North Carolina, my credit was the best.  I had a good job and made good money.  I was in good health (or I should say better than I am now).


I moved to NC in 2003.  Because my credit was so good I was able to get a loan while being self-employed.  I was excited about the move and the chance for a new beginning.  Unfortunately, I did not do sufficient research into the available work.  I had been self-employed since 1982 and didn’t give it much thought.  That was my first mistake.  I was a computer consultant and worked for the Federal Government on an as needed basis.  I also had private companies that hired me to train their employees.  Once I moved to Burgaw, NC, I found some consultant work (enough for 2003).  In 2004 I found it necessary to file bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy was finalized in February 2005.  I don’t know how things got turned around so quickly but they did.


In January 2005 my mother was diagnosed with breast and stomach cancer.   She had colon cancer in 2001 but this time was different.  She needed attention 24/7.  So, I sold 2/3 of my land so I could close my office and go to Virginia to take care of her until she passed away on January 26, 2006.  I used the money from the land to continue making my mortgage and other bill payments. 


I had been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis before moving to North Carolina.  Unfortunately, the stress of my mother’s illness and passing in addition to the bankruptcy and selling of land caused my illness to progress.  With depression and grief I found it difficult to make the right decisions.  I also found it difficult to do my daily activities.  I couldn’t seem to get back into work. 


I was blessed in that I had a good friend who helped me out when he could.  That kept my head above water for a while.  I finally realized that I wasn’t able to work an applied for Social Security Disability.  Because I did not have sufficient work quarters for the required period of time, I began receiving SSI in June 2009 (not SSD).  The amount I receive is only $674. 


I applied with Social Services for food stamps which I began receiving $200 a month on September 2009.  It took me four trips to Social Services to apply.  I’ve never been so humiliated and ashamed of where my life was financially.


My daughter moved in with me August 2008 and was helping with the bills.  She gave birth to my grandson January 7, 2009.  They both lived with me until October 3, 2009, at which time they moved to Virginia due to her work.  She no longer provides any financial assistance.  During the time she was living with me, she helped pay CitiMortgage, as well as helped pay utility bills when needed.


With little financial assistance coming in, I was unable to continue meeting all of my financial obligations.  I offered to make partial payment to CitiMortgage and was told that would not be acceptable; therefore, no payment has been made since November.  My mortgage went from $984.22 to $1,067.35 in November 2009. 


Again, depression and grief can be paralyzing both physically, emotionally, and mentally.   Not being able to pay my mortgage payment only added to the already overwhelming stress so I contacted CitiMortgage requesting a home modification.  I thought if I could get a lower mortgage payment and take in a room mate I might be able to get back on track.


I cannot say I’ve made good financial decisions since 2005.  I will; however, say I’ve done my best to get back on track.  Unfortunately, there is more to the story which may help you understand my physical, emotional, and mental state.  On September 13, 2009, my sister Mary Frye passed away at the age of 52 after heart surgery.  Her death was unexpected.  She was not only my sister, but also my best friend. We took care of mom during 2005.  We then took care of my dad who needed a lot of help after mom’s passing.  On September 20, 2009, my father Carl Cunningham passed away at the age of 81.  This was just 7 days after the passing of my sister.  You can only imagine what this type of lost can do to a person. 


I tell you these things not because I want your pity but I think you need to understand that I’m doing the best I can.  I don’t want to lose my home.  It may be the last lost I can take. 


Last month Social Services paid my utility bill through their “crisis program”.  This month I received help through their Low Income Energy Assistance Program.  As you can see, I’m reaching out for help wherever I can.


I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I’m awaiting my surgery date.  Until then, I continue to worry about my monthly expenses and how I will meet them.  Family members have their own financial needs and, although they continue to try and help me each month, it is getting to be more difficult for them.  Therefore, I am reaching out to you for any assistance you can provide.


I am providing a table listing my financial needs.  I realize you cannot help me with everything, however, whatever you can assist me with will make a big difference in my life.  Dealing with deaths and also my own medical conditions (myasthenia gravis and NOW breast cancer) is not easy.  Stress of course causes my medical condition to be worse. 



$1076 a month; currently 3 months behind

Four County Electric

$250-300 a month

Time Warner Cable

$200 a month


$80 a month

Life Insurance

$444 a year

Car Insurance

$800 a year

Monies Owed to Individuals Who Have Helped Me

$10,000 ($8,000 of this is from credit card debt that was transferred in 2008 to an individuals credit card because hers was 0% interest rate and mine was 19%.  She is making these payments until I can repay her.

Credit Card Debt



Whatever you can do will change my life by freeing me of some stress.  It will enable me to focus on my recovery from my breast cancer instead of how I’m going to make it month-to-month and keep a roof over my head.


Sincerely yours,

Linda Cunningham
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Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program


Click above to find out who is eligible for the low income energy assistance program in Kansas and remember the application period Ends March 31 2010!!

  You can check the status of your application quickly and
securely at the following address: Check application status

Low Income Energy Assistance Program



Welcome to the Online Application for the State of Kansas’ Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). This site will allow you the opportunity to complete an electronic application to apply for LIEAP benefits. If you have a guardian or conservator, they must be the one that completes and submits the application. The Online Application is provided in English only, but if you want an application in a different language, click on the appropriate language below to print an application in that language.

Getting Started

If this is your first time visiting this site, you will need to Register before you can begin to complete the application. In order to do that, you need to click on the word “Register” at the top right of this screen. After completing the registration page, to start an application click on the Create Application tab at the top of the page. Remember your User Name and Password. You will be able to Login to complete an unfinished application or check on the status of your application. If you have already started an application and are returning to complete it, then you will need to click on the word “Login” at the top right to be able to get back to your application. If you are checking on the status of your application, you also need to click on the word “Login”. After you have logged in you will click on the Status Check tab.

English    Español   Deutsch   Tiếng Việt   Русский язык   Hmoob
phaasaa laao   Af Soomaali   Kiswahili   تطبيقات   خدمات

A blue line for visibly dividing the page

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) is a federally funded program that helps eligible households pay a portion of their home energy costs by providing a one-time per year benefit.

The application period is January 19, 2010 to March 31, 2010.

Additional information may be obtained by calling 1-800-432-0043

See the link for more information about benefits.


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About RosasD16

I need help on paying my dentist bill to fix teeth which are very bad and not too much time to fix them or it will be too late for me to save my teeth, I need $3000.00 tofix my teeths and i don't want to lose them and use artificial one please help me with this problem i need the help. I don't have a job and i can't help myself 5 months unemployed it has been very difficult please help me. Thanks!

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About mary64


i am a mother of 3, and in need of financial assistance for my electric and heater bills worth $500.00  they have given me a notice of disconnection already.  i just dont know who to turn to.  so, if anyone out there who has a good heart and help me pay, i definitely appreciate a lot.

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Ohio Energy Assistance Programs Help with Paying Your Utility Bills

Click the link to access the following assistance programs to see which can help you out...

 Assistance is available for both gas and electric bills. The assistance may be in the form of a reduction of your heating bill and/or a set amount based on your income to be paid each month. Eligibility for these programs is usually based on household income.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)

      Balanced Payment Plan
      Three Percent PIPP
      Arrearage Crediting Programs

Winter Crisis Program

Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

Summer Crisis Program

HeatShare Programs

Extended Payment Plans

Energy Assistance for Military Personnel and their Families
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
What is HEAP?

HEAP is a federally funded program administered by the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD). It is designed to help eligible low-income Ohioans meet the high costs of home heating. HEAP pays a one-time payment for most PUCO-regulated utility customers reflecting their usage for the current winter heating season.
Who is eligible?

The total household income of an applicant must be at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.
How do I sign up?

Call (800) 282-0880, TDD (800) 686-1557 or write to P.O. Box 1240, Columbus, Ohio 43266-0583. HEAP applications may also be downloaded from the Ohio Department of Development Web site or picked up at community action agencies, post offices and libraries. Note: Each household should mail only one application.
Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)

PIPP allows eligible customers to make affordable energy payments. PIPP actually has several programs: the Standard PIPP Program, the PIPP Balanced Payment Plan, Three Percent PIPP and the Arrearage Crediting Program. Please note that PIPP customers are not eligible to choose their own supplier; however all PIPP customers in their respective service territories are bid out as a class to competitive gas suppliers in order to achieve maximum savings.
Standard PIPP Program

The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) allows eligible customers to make lower energy payments. If you qualify, you can pay 10 percent of your gross monthly household income to the utility company providing your main heating source and five percent to the utility company providing your secondary heating source. You can choose to join PIPP for only one utility service. If the company provides both gas and electric services or if the customer has an all-electric home, the payment is 15 percent of the gross monthly income.
Who is eligible?

      Your utility company must be regulated by the PUCO.
      You must apply for all energy assistance for which you are eligible.
      You must have a gross yearly household income at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level. If you are not eligible based on the 12-month “test,” you may qualify for PIPP based on your income for the most recent three months.

How do I sign up?

Contact your gas or electric company for specific details. The company may refer you to the local community action agency to enroll in PIPP. Proof of your gross monthly household income for the last three months will be required. The first PIPP payment is usually due at the time you enroll.
What do I need to do to stay on PIPP?

      Make the required monthly payments;
      Re-verify gross monthly household income a minimum of once every 12 months;
      Reapply for all available energy assistance programs at least every 12 months;
      Apply for weatherization if you are contacted by a utility or state agency representative.

When do I pay the PIPP amount or the current bill?

Electric Customers:

During the heating season, typically Nov. 1 through April 15, you pay the percentage of income payment. During the non-heating season, typically April 16 through Oct. 31, you pay your current bill or the PIPP amount, whichever is higher.

Gas Customers:

PIPP customers who use natural gas as the primary heating source will pay the 10 percent PIPP payment year-round.

An example of payment:

Mr. Jones has a $500 monthly household income. He would pay $50 per month (10 percent of his household income) year-round to the gas company. In the winter, Mr. Jones pays the electric company $25, (5 percent of his household income). However, in the summer, his electric bill may be higher than the $25. When this happens, he must pay the higher amount to stay on PIPP and to keep his electric service on.
What do I do if my service is disconnected for non-payment?

You would have to reapply for PIPP, pay any missed payments (default), and may have to pay a reconnection charge and/or a security deposit.
Can I participate in a natural gas choice program and a PIPP program at the same time?

Natural gas marketers, the companies that provide natural gas under choice programs, do not participate in the PIPP program. If you are participating in a choice program, and then become eligible for and participate in the PIPP program, your natural gas provider will automatically be switched to the local utility. If you were under a contract with the natural gas marketer, they can assess an early termination penalty when a customer switches to the PIPP program before the contract expires.
What if I want to discontinue PIPP?

You may request to be taken off the plan at any time. The company may require that this request be in writing. If you are no longer income eligible for PIPP, the company is required to place you on the Arrearage Crediting Program. You may find it convenient to remove yourself from PIPP prior to becoming income ineligible. In this instance, you will need to contact your utility company to make appropriate arrangements on the balance due.
PIPP Balanced Payment Plan (Electric Companies Only)

The PIPP Balanced Payment Plan is only offered by electric and combination utility companies. This plan provides an option of budgeting monthly electric bills so payments do not dramatically increase during the summer. The PIPP Balanced Payment Plan is based on winter PIPP payments and summer actual usage. Consult with your local utility company or community action agency representatives at the time you enroll in PIPP for more details.
Three Percent PIPP

If your household is at or below 50 percent of the federal poverty level and the household uses electricity as its secondary source of heat, your household would pay 3 percent instead of 5 percent in the winter heating season only.

The PIPP Balanced Payment Plan and Three Percent PIPP payments are not available at Cleveland Electric Illuminating and Toledo Edison due to an existing low-income rate.

If you were a participant in this program in past years or are elderly and seeking energy assistance, please contact the Ohio Department of Development Office of Community Services at (800) 282-0880, TDD (800) 868-1557.
Arrearage Crediting Programs

Arrearage Crediting is available to PIPP customers who are no longer income eligible for PIPP. The Arrearage Crediting Program assists you with gradually paying off your total arrearage amount. Current and former PIPP customers should contact their local utility company for specific information on the rules and regulations of arrearage crediting. Following are the guidelines for the standard arrearage crediting program offered by AEP Ohio, Columbia Gas of Ohio Dominion East Ohio, Duke Energy Ohio and Ohio Edison:

      Gas customers continue to pay your PIPP payment amount for the first 12 months after losing PIPP eligibility.  Electric customers pay the PIPP payment during the winter months and the regular bill or PIPP payment, whichever is higher during the summer months for the first 12 months after losing PIPP eligibility.
      Beginning on the 13th month after losing PIPP eligibility, you stop paying your PIPP amount and start paying the amount due on your monthly bills for the next 12 months.
      At the end of the second year off of PIPP, you pay your current bill plus an extra arrearage payment (not to exceed $20). This payment goes towards paying off the total arrearage amount due.
      Once you begin paying the current bill and your arrearage payment, you will be eligible to receive matching credit equal to your arrearage payment. The utility company will determine how often this credit will be applied to your account. The arrearage credit from the company will be applied to your bills as long as the monthly bill is paid in a timely manner.

Cleveland Electric Illuminating, Dayton Power & Light, Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio and Toledo Edison are excluded from this crediting system. However, all of these companies have crediting systems somewhat similar to the one described above.

Winter Crisis Program (formerly Emergency Energy Assistance Program or E-HEAP)

A special component of HEAP, the Winter Crisis Program, is administered by community action agencies throughout Ohio. The Winter Crisis Program provides assistance once per heating season to eligible low-income households that are disconnected, threatened with disconnection, or have less than a ten-day supply of bulk fuel. For further information, contact your local community action agency.
Who is eligible?

The total household income of an applicant must be at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines listed below:
How do I sign up?

Applications for Emergency HEAP are accepted through March 31. Contact your local community action agency to sign up.
Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

Ohio's Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) is a federally funded low-income residential energy efficiency program. The program reduces low-income households' energy use, thus creating more affordable housing for those in most need. Services include attic, wall and basement insulation; blower-door-guided air leakage reduction; heating system repairs or replacements; and health and safety testing and inspections. All measures are provided based on an on-site energy audit and on cost-effective guidelines developed using the NEAT computerized energy audit. Individualized client education is an important component of the program.

Who benefits from HWAP?

Households at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, PIPP (Percentage of Income Payment Plan) participants, PIPP eligible households or households participating Supplemental Security Income qualify for this no-cost program.  After weatherization, households that heat with natural gas reduce space heating consumption by an average of 24.7 percent, and electrically heated homes reduce usage by 13 percent on average.  HWAP participants increased the percentage of utility bills that they pay and the rate of disconnections of utility service for this group decreased by 50 percent.
How do I sign up?

Call (800) 282-0880, TDD (800) 686-1557 or write to P.O. Box 1240, Columbus, Ohio 43266-0583. HWAP applications may also be downloaded from the Ohio Department of Development Web site or picked up at community action agencies, post offices and libraries. Note: Each household should mail only one application.
Summer Crisis Program

A special component of HEAP, the Summer Crisis Program provides summer cooling assistance for low-income elderly households and for Ohioans with qualifying medical conditions. The program applies to electric utilities only.
What are the benefits?

One-time payment assistance of up to $100 to be put towards:

      Electric bill payment,
      Air conditioning unit, or

Who is eligible?

      You do not have to be enrolled in PIPP or have received a disconnection notice to be eligible for the Summer Crisis Program.
      Households must have a gross annual income of 200 percent of the federal poverty level and meet one of the following criteria:
            Have a member of the household who is at least 60 years old; or
            Provide physician documentation of medical necessity.

How do I sign up?

Applications for the Summer Crisis Program are accepted from July 1 through August 31. Contact your local community action agency to sign up.
HeatShare Programs

The HeatShare programs are programs administered by the Salvation Army to help qualifying households pay for natural gas bills. These programs typically run from January until May, or until funds are depleted. For more information about the HeatShare program or to receive assistance, please contact your local Salvation Army.
Columbia Gas of Ohio HeatShare Program

Customers of Columbia Gas of Ohio are eligible for the HeatShare program if they have an annual gross household income at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. Households experiencing unexpected financial hardships may also be eligible for the program, determined on a case-by-case basis. The HeatShare program provides Columbia customers with a one-time assistance grant of up to $250. Customers are only eligible for HeatShare once per year, and the assistance cannot be applied toward security deposits or bills that are not required to maintain service.
Dominion East Ohio EnergyShare Program

The Dominion East Ohio EnergyShare program is designed to provide fuel assistance to pay for any type of winter heating bill. To qualify for the program, customers must live within the Dominion service territory, must have a termination notice, and must have exhausted other resources for state and federal fuel assistance. Senior citizens age 60 and older do not need a termination notice to qualify. Applicants must also meet one of the following criteria:

    * Annual household income at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty guidelines;
    * Head of the household is unemployed; or
    * Have a demonstrated personal or family crisis.

EnergyShare can provide customers with assistance of up to $500 for heating bills and up to $250 for deposits. The funds cannot be used for unauthorized usage, bills older than one heating season, or unpaid balances from the previous heating season. To receive assistance, the applicant must have their name on the utility account or live at the listed residence. For more information, contact your local Salvation Army or Dominion East Ohio at (800) 362-7557.
Duke Energy Ohio HeatShare Fuel Fund

Eligibility for the Duke Energy Ohio HeatShare program is based upon need, and households must be subject to disconnection in order to qualify. Eligible customers can receive a one-time assistance payment of $300. For more information, contact the Salvation Army at (513) 721-0795.
Extended Payment Plans

PUCO-regulated gas and electric companies have the following extended payment plans available to allow you to make affordable payments and maintain service:

      The One-Third Plan (Nov. 1 – April 15)
      The One-Sixth Plan

The one-third, one-sixth and budget payment plans are available to all residential customers regardless of income. PIPP is only available for those customers who meet the income guidelines. For more information, contact your utility company or your local community action agency. You may also call the PUCO toll-free: Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., EST:

      (800) 686-PUCO (7826) (voice)
      (800) 686-1570 (TDD)

Some utility companies may offer other emergency assistance plans. For more information, please contact your utility company.
Additional Assistance for Columbia Gas of Ohio Customers

With the approval of the PUCO, Columbia Gas of Ohio has created a $2.1 million payment assistance fund to help customers who are having difficulty paying their heating bills but do not qualify for existing energy assistance programs. These funds will help customers with incomes between 175 and 200 percent of federal poverty guidelines. For a family of four, the household income could be up to $44,100 per year.

Columbia has also made available additional assistance for customers with incomes at or below 175 percent of federal poverty guidelines who have already exhausted all other available funds. Columbia will distribute $1.85 million through this fund over the next five winter heating seasons.

Columbia customers who believe they may be eligible for assistance should contact their local community action agency. Customers who are not sure which agency to contact should call the Columbia Customer Contact Center at (800) 344-4077 for information on where to apply.
Energy Assistance for Military Personnel and their Families

The Patriot Plan, a program providing protections and benefits to military personnel and their families, can assist qualifying customers with maintaining utility service while serving on active duty. Under the plan, Ohio’s natural gas and electric utilities cannot disconnect the residential utility service of any military reservist or National Guardsman deployed on active duty for nonpayment.

Upon return from active duty, utility companies must offer customers a period of time equal to the length of their deployment to pay any arrearages that may have accumulated. Additional time may be requested by a customer if the amount in arrearages presents a hardship. Utility companies are also prohibited from charging any late payment fees or interest to qualifying customers during the period of deployment or the repayment period.

The Patriot Plan does not apply to career active-duty military personnel serving their regular tour of duty. For additional information regarding this benefit, contact your local utility company or the PUCO at (800) 686-PUCO (7826).
Energy Assistance Programs - Help with Paying Your Utility Bills
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Vermont- Help With Your Utility Bills

Click the link above to access the below information on getting help with your utility bills in Vermont..

If you need help paying your utility bills, contact one of these organizations.

Vermont Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - fuel and weatherization assistance

Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program - discounted home heating oil for low-income households

Vermont Office of Human Services - fuel assistance (crisis) program

Vermont Office of Human Services - fuel assistance (seasonal) program

Make your home more energy efficient


-       Energy Star
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About Lordhelpme

Hello, I'm a single mother of a 15 y/o soon to be sophomore. I don't have funding to purchase school or any other necessity he needs for school. I have no money for my $365.79 electric bill that's well over due. I have no money for my $250.00 phone and internet bill which is over due as well. I've received shut off notices for both bills well over 2 weeks ago. The only reason my utilities haven't been shut off is by THE GRACE OF GOD!!! If my phone and internet are disconnected I have no way of finding employment. I need my electric which run ALL components of my home, and I have asthma.  I recently relocated to this state thinking it would be a better opportunity for my son and me and it's turned out to be nothing but heartache and pain. I've done everything I can to find employment but nothing is out there. The jobs I have found I don't drive so there's no way for me to get home once the bus stops running. I feel as if I'm slowly sinking into the abyss and I don't know what to do. I've never heard of this site and I happen to stumble upon it, not sure whether any results come from it but God knows I'm praying. If you're not able to give monetary help then I ask that you pray for my family. I'm trying, Lord knows I'm trying and I don't know what else to do, someone; anyone please help me. Thank you for reading.

All those that are enduring the same problems as me, you're in my prayers. Step out on faith and allow God to come into your life. All things are possible through Christ!!!

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Hello! i am 49year old and disable, and i am on SSI, my rent is $715.00, i can pay the rent but i am having problem to buy food, and pay my utility bills especial electricy, after i pay my rent, i am left with $125.00 i have to use this to pay utility bills and by food, sometimes, i have to to food bank to get some food, I need your help, anything you can help me i would appreciate, If you need proof of my SSI letter and my rent I would be glad to proved to anyone who is willing to assist me untill a get a cheaper, place, the reason, i can not mover to a cheaper place -- is deposit first and last, this is what is killing me, So i need your assistance, help, i am greatifull anything you can help me!! Thanks and wish you success.

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Like a lot of people, my salary has been significantly reduced.  After paying rent, utility bills, it's hard to find the money for the rest of the bills.  Am looking for assistance with that.  Don't need a huge amount, just enough to pay off a couple of things.  If I only have to worry about the rent and utility bills, then that's golden. Where can I go to apply for free money or grants, or even trustworty work-at-home sites?  Thanks, in advance....

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